14 June 2022

Calendar Girls


Review by Paul Towers, 14/6/2022

Calendar Girls by Gary Barlow & Tim Firth

Directed by Kieran Whelan-Newby

A KW Productions presentation

At The Little Theatre until Saturday 18th June 2022

“a wonderful mixture of pathos and comedy”

I first saw Calendar Girls back in 2018 when it toured to DeMontfort Hall. I was impressed with the production but I do feel that Kieran Whelan-Newby’s direction has taken it to a new level, especially the comedy.
The show was always a wonderful mixture of pathos and comedy but I don’t remember so many laugh-out-loud moments in 2018. The entire cast have managed to find both physical and textual comedy absent previously. Two characters’ drunken performances stand out. James King’s schoolboy Danny was a beautifully timed stumbling almost prat-fall alcohol fuelled teenage embarrassment while Tracey Holderness’ uptight Ruth singing the praises of her vodka bottle brought to mind Mrs Overall in all her glory.
The entire cast were all superb and in fine voice, each being fully rounded characters on the page.

The set, a Yorkshire hillside, is a work of art and, with the expert lighting design by Andy & Alex Crooks, it serves for the various locations. A live band of five led by musical director Felix Surbe fills the auditorium and allows the various singers to give full voice to their emotional numbers.

I have been a fan of Kieran and his production company since seeing his A Slice of Saturday Night back in 2014. Each subsequent production has got bigger and more professional. Calendar Girls does not buck the trend.

If you want a fun, uplifting night out at the theatre you won’t go wrong with this show.

Calendar Girls is on until Saturday 18th June and is a LDS fundraiser





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