Reviews from Paul's pen

Reviews from Paul's pen


Tom Young - Old and New

Review by: Paul Towers, 17 February 2018
Tom Young – Old and New
Upstairs @ The Western, 17th Feb 2018

“local comedy hero"

Leicestershire comedian, Tom Young, is the founder of Upstairs at The Western’s resident improv team, The Same Faces and is very well known on the comedy scene, especially around the Midlands.
As well as working extensively with improv groups and running improv workshops, Tom has a career as a stand up in his own right.
As part of the Leicester Comedy Festival, an event he has been part of seemingly forever, he appeared tonight in two sessions at Upstairs, the first was a ‘best of’ from the last few years and the second was a whole new show. The sold out audience were very much behind their local hero as he regaled us with the problems of being 6’7”, 15 stone and perennially single for the last 12 years (he’s only 29!).
His Trump impersonation especially stood out for me and his conversational delivery confirmed his assertation that many of his gigs had been tried out in his mates’ front rooms.
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First published on  Western Gazette

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