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Reviews from Paul's pen


Laura Monmoth - LGBT QZX

Review by: Paul Towers, 23 February 2018
Laura Monmoth – LGBT QZX
Upstairs @ The Western, 23rd Feb 2018

“the story of  how a lifelong addiction to retro gaming caused it all.”

How ironic that a show by Andy Fowler called ‘I’m better than this’ is cancelled due to illness (a very painful kidney infection).
Into his place at 48 hours notice we had Laura Monmoth and her show LGBT QZX, described as “Laura Monmoth has spent her life battling demons, jealousy, breakdowns and level six of Manic Miner. This is the story of  how a lifelong addiction to retro gaming caused it all, and forced the biggest change in her life.”
”A show dedicated to fans of gaming, love, false expectations, karaoke, or simply just trying to stay alive.”
After a sold out show in last year’s Edinburgh Festival Laura is back on the comedy circuit with this extended Powerpoint presentation  detailing her early life and the influence 8 bit computer games (or the lack thereof) had on her development. If you are a fan of Dave Gorman then you will certainly ‘get’ Laura Monmoth.
Not only did we get her persistent denial of being addicted to early tape driven Spectrum games but we were also introduced to what is one of the cleverest but most pointless ways to waste a couple of days. Facebook karaoke. This entails taking a song, in this case the 7 minute Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, and finding Facebook profile names that fit the lyrics. More or less. Hugely entertaining and worthy of a singalong, but completely useless unless you have whole days to waste.
Details of upcoming gigs can be found on Laura Monmoth’s Facebook page

Upstairs at The Western
First published on Western Gazette

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