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Reviews from Paul's pen



Review by: Paul Towers, 08 February 2018
Accumulator by Ross Brierley
Leicester Comedy Festival
Upstairs @ The Western, 8 Feb 2018

“ laddish self deprecation.”

Ross Brierley has finally got his dream job. For 15 years he has been a betting man and for half that time he has been able to make a living at it.
Accumulator is a collection of tales of his steady climb from dead end jobs just to put food on the table all the way to actually earning enough from gambling to say goodbye to the call centres and shelf stacking of his youth.
With a laddish self deprecation Ross makes no bones about the roller coaster that being a professional gambler entails.
This is Ross’ first comedy show in the festival. His The Not So Late Show is on at the Attenborough Arts Centre tomorrow, Fri 9th Feb also as part of the Leicester Comedy Festival.
Upstairs at The Western’s contribution to the Leicester Comedy Festival is in full swing with shows from Richard Massara, Jack Campbell, The Same Faces, Dan Nicholas, Tom Young and Drag Queen Bingo. And that is just the next 5 days! There is a full programme of shows right through the festival. Full details on the website

Upstairs at The Western
First published on Western Gazette

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