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Graduation Day 2018

Review by: Paul Towers, 11 February 2018
Graduation Day 2018
Dan Nicholas with Matt West, Kevin Hudson, Sarah Davis, Martin England & Matt Holmes with headliner Tom Houghton
Upstairs @ The Western, 11 February 2018

“2018 Graduation Day.”

For logistical reasons there were no Comedy Workshops in 2017 but they are hoping to resume them this year. So, as part of the Leicester Comedy Festival and for the 2018 Graduation Day gig three acts from the class of 2016/17 returned along with a distant voice from the 2015/16 term and two new faces to make up the evening, along with a headliner.
Dan Nicholas, as always, compered the evening with aplomb and warmed the audience up for the night ahead.
First on stage was firm favourite Sarah Davis with a beautifully scripted routine about valentine’s day and elderly cyclists (not specifically connected but, hearing of her luck, maybe).
Next up was mortgage advisor Matt West who, after failing to interest anyone with a low interest mortgage gave us chapter and verse on his recent marriage
New face Martin England filled us in on the perils of being only 5’4” and various rambling tales of his life.
After an interval we were back with Kevin Hudson, the Terry Pratchett lookalike whose sharp routines about turning into a grumpy old man and being a technophobe chimed with many in the audience. Since his debut last year he has scripted some great stories that culminated in groan-worthy puns.
As per last year Kevin’s Pratchett clone was followed by Gavin Pilchard, aka Death, with his tried and tested routine railing against working long hours and a demanding wife.
Finally we had a headline act in the shape of Tom Houghton, a very assured young stand up who is like the James Blunt of comedy. Tales of boarding school, being an army child and the only straight boy on his drama course had the audience roaring.
Daniel Nicholas is at The Exchange on 13th February and at The Attenborough Centre on the 14th. Details can be found at
Kevin Hudson can be seen at Soft Touch Arts on 17th February.

Upstairs at The Western
First published on Western Gazette

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