Reviews from Paul's pen

Reviews from Paul's pen


Mixed Doubles

Review by: Paul Towers, 13 February 2016
Mixed Doubles by Will Close, Megan Smith, Paul Aitchison and Rose Robinson
Upstairs @ The Western, 13th February 2016

“an hour of  slick sketches”

Sketch shows, whether on TV, radio or on stage, are notoriously difficult to get right but Mixed Doubles do a damn fine job.
With a 100% success rate this team of four writer/performers had the audience with them from the start. Most of the sketches had us laughing out loud, a few invoked awkward moment titters and several were more inventive than expected.
This quartet have an established pedigree as writers and performers and are BBC Radio 4 favourites.
With hilarious routines around The Elephant In The Room, Lady Pains and a great finale song this is an hour of  slick sketches by a group who are so comfortable with each other that they even try and corpse one another.
Mixed Doubles are touring prior to taking the show to the Edinburgh Festival later this year and won the Peoples Choice Award at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival in 2013
First published on Western Gazette

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