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Reviews from Paul's pen


Three Days Of Rain

Review by: Paul Towers, 01 February 2016
Three Days of Rain by Richard Greenberg
Leicester Drama Society with Lois Cowley, Mark Bland & Andrew Parsons
Leicester Little Theatre 1 – 6 February

“all three actors chew up the scenery.”

Three Days of Rain is a play of two halves but is nothing to do with football!
In the first half Nan, Walker and Pip are, respectively, sister, brother and childhood friend who gather prior to the reading of Nan & Walker’s father’s will in 1995 Manhattan. Nan is the sensible, balanced older sister, Walker is the acutely disturbed brother and Pip is the son of their father’s creative partner. So far, so good. The trouble is that when the atmosphere gets a little heated old wounds are opened and secrets are spilled.
The set is an acutely observed dilapidated loft apartment which serves as both the modern bolt hole of Walker and the apartment where their parents met and consummated their relationship.
The second half goes back to where it all started, and swiftly unravelled, for the family when neurotic Lina (Lois Cowley) meets stuttering, shy Ned (Andrew Parsons) and dumps assumed fiancée Theo (Mark Bland).
Each actor doubles up and plays both the parents in the second half and their own children in the first half.
This is not the easiest of story’s to follow, partly because of the American accents but also because quite a lot of the story is left hanging for the audience to work out for themselves.
All three actors powerhouse their way through their roles with acclaim and all three have their chances to chew up the scenery.
There is creative use of lighting, sound design and water throughout
Three Days Of Rain is at Little Theatre until Saturday 6 February

First published on Western Gazette

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