Reviews from Paul's pen

Reviews from Paul's pen


9/11 was a conspiracy

Review by: Paul Towers, 31 May 2018
9/11 Was A Conspiracy written and directed by Pip Nixon
Performed by Nicola Wood
Upstairs @ The Western, 31st May 2018

“a heady mix of humour, pathos and bonkers conspiracy theories.”

Upstairs at the Western has established itself as a step along the journey to The Edinburgh Festival. This is 52 Up’s first production and is the first performance of the almost-finished article before the festival.
This is the story of how a couple get together and, despite differing views, make a go of it.
She is out for a night with the girls and spots this guy along the bar looking at her. He has nice eyes. Inevitably they end up in bed. He makes her laugh. He is good in bed. He is good to his dear old mum. What can possibly go wrong?
It turns out he believes all the conspiracy theories floating around on the internet. 9/11 was a deliberate Government hoax; the Pentagon wasn’t crashed into; Sandy Hook never happened. The list is endless.
So, how do you continue a relationship with someone you love when you don’t love what they believe?
Nicola Wood’s monologue is as though she is pouring out her frustrations to her girlfriend as she tries to rationalise her feelings for a man for whom there are certain subjects she needs to avoid if she wants to prevent a too heavy discussion.
A simple set of a chair against a black cloth allows us to easily concentrate on Nicola’s dialogue, a heady mix of humour, pathos and, to rational people, bonkers conspiracy theories.
9/11 Was A Conspiracy heads off to The Edinburgh Fringe on 3rd August 2018. We wish them well
Follow their progress on their Facebook page, 52UpProductions

Upstairs at The Western

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