Reviews from Paul's pen

Reviews from Paul's pen


The Crucible

Review by: Paul Towers, 03 May 2018
The Crucible by Arthur Miller
A Curve & DeMontfort University co-production
Curve Studio 3 – 5 May 2018

“ A damning indictment of the confluence of  ignorance, bigotry and religious fervour.”

Once again Curve has provided facilities and mentoring to DeMontfort University’s drama and performing arts students to allow them to experience performing before a paying audience in a  professional theatre.
This year’s offering is Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. A damning indictment of the confluence of  ignorance, bigotry and religious fervour; a cesspool of  intolerance that is all too common even if these supposed enlightened times.
Set at the height of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, a time when the mere whisper of something out of the ordinary could be easily twisted to suit the agenda of those looking for witchcraft at every turn. Miller wrote it in 1953 as a savage satire on the ongoing McCarthy hunt for ‘reds under the bed’ where yet again the merest hint of non-conformity was twisted to expose so called communist leanings. The paranoia of the Salem Witch Trials has been repeated ad nauseum throughout history and invariably used to explain things not understood.
Played out on a sparse set of four huge suspended blocks, the space between them symbolising the cross of the supposedly welcoming church, the few props are brought on and off by hand. Creative lighting changes the time of day and the mood of the action. A largely subdued soundtrack subtly signals impending crises.
The cast of fairly inexperienced actors do a great job but a couple stand out as ones to watch in the future. Ransford Boi as John Proctor has great stage presence and good clear diction and projection; Calum Harris as Deputy Governor Danforth holds centre stage for most of the second half and has the personality to do so.
The Crucible is on at Curve until Saturday
First published on Western Gazette

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