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Reviews from Paul's pen


Upstairs Word - Jasmine Gardosi & Hannah Swings

Review by: Paul Towers, 04 October 2017
Upstairs Word presents Jasmine Gardosi & Hannah Swings
Upstairs @ The Western, 4 October 2017

“Upstairs at The Western continues its love affair with the spoken word.”

Upstairs at The Western continues its love affair with the spoken word with a monthly night of poets and performance artistes.
Tonight we saw Hannah Swings supporting headliner Jasmine Gardosi.
Hannah’s poetry is largely autobiographical but slightly enhanced for effect (so she says!). By day she is a teacher trying desperately to infuse enthusiasm for history in fifth and sixth formers in Birmingham but by night she performs poems on such diverse subjects as ladybirds, her Mother’s obsession with recording the minutiae of her life to colour psychology. This amusing Brummie is a an alumna of Jasmine with a completely original outlook on life.
Jasmine Gardosi is an award winning performer and tonight presented her very first scratch show. This simply meant it was still a work in progress.
Performed under the guise of a teacher suddenly being thrust into a class to fill in and take a sex education lesson, this combined humour and education to challenge our perceptions of sex and sexuality. While most of it was informative I did find it drifted a bit far into sexual politics for my taste. But then, maybe we should be confronted with uncomfortable subjects.
I have to admit I learnt quite a few things that I have never had to think about before. Given my lifestyle choices I am glad I will never have to consider a lot of them. I realise now how easy and uncomplicated my life is.

Upstairs Word is back on Wednesday 1st November with Toria Garbutt & Shruti Chauhan while Find The Right Words hosted by Jess Green is back on Weds 18th October

First published at Western Gazette  

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