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Reviews from Paul's pen


Wonder Woman - The naked truth

Review by: Paul Towers, 31 March 2017
Wonder Woman – The Naked Truth
NotNow Collective – devised, written and performed by Tina Hofman & Kristina Gavran
Upstairs @ The Western, 31st March 2017

“funny, bright and insightful.”

NotNow Collective is Tina Hofman and Kristina Gavran, both Croation, both living in Birmingham and, most importantly, both working mothers. Both previously worked in Croatia in children’s theatre, Tina as an actress and Kristina as a writer. When they came together it was only natural that their first joint project would reflect their need to juggle career with motherhood, and often failing. Wonder Woman is the result.
This funny, bright and insightful hour of theatre addresses the modern curse of pursuing perfect parenthood. How much easier would it be if you needed to pass a series of tests and earn a sheaf of certificates before you were allowed to procreate. That way you could be certain that you knew everything, were confident in how to parent and were ready for the trials of motherhood. On top of that father’s-to-be would be made to understand that reproducing has consequences, not just the responsibility of parenthood but the things they will have to do without, privacy, sex, money! Oh yes, the girls gave chapter and verse about the side effects of  maternity.
This is a play that should be compulsive viewing for all teenagers, especially those ‘yearning for a baby’
As this production tours they regularly do ‘relaxed’ matinees, shows where mothers are encouraged to bring their toddlers with them. No-one cares if they run around or cry or need feeding.
Wonder Woman – The Naked Truth is on tour and will return to Leicester in October
Full details are on

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