Reviews from Paul's pen

Reviews from Paul's pen


Carol Leeming's Enchanter

Review by: Paul Towers, 03 March 2017
Enchanter by Carol Leeming
Upstairs @ The Western, 3rd March 2017

“Carol Leeming explores her cultural roots.”

Despite a late start due to the inclement weather Carol Leeming lived up to her reputation and produced an idiosyncratic new work which goes some way towards exploring her cultural roots
Dressed in a voluminous silver robe and a mirrored straw hat, both inspired by her ancestral antecedents, Ms Leeming sang and spoke as a precursor to a special showing of her acclaimed short film Enchanter.
Carol has long been admired for her singing voice and here she demonstrates her adaptability in styles as diverse as Gospel and native African as she alludes to the slave trade of the 19th century.
The film Enchanter is a beautifully shot monochrome love song which captures the transient quality of finding emotional fulfilment. The whole look being very reminiscent of a Middle Eastern souk
A short Q &A session at the end of part 1 allowed the audience to ask questions of both Carol and Rob, the film-maker.
The second half of the evening was taken up with readings from her debut book of poems, The Declamations of Cool Eye
First published on Western Gazette

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