Reviews from Paul's pen

Reviews from Paul's pen


Super Hero

Review by: Paul Towers, 30 June 2018
Super Hero by Adam Johnson, music & lyrics by Henry Roadnight
A National Youth Music Theatre production
Curve 30 June 2018

“professional quality performances.”

National Youth Music Theatre (NYMT) was created in 1976 to enable young talented musical theatre performers to learn their craft in live productions. In the last few years Curve has been a regular stop on their annual tour and this year’s production was well up to their usual high standard. Since 2016 NYMT have been associate artists of Curve and have brought Sweet Charity, Spring Awakening and Billy The Kid to us.
This year’s offering, Super Hero, was commissioned by NYMT and written by alumni Adam Johnson and Henry Roadnight as part of NYMT’s commitment to nurturing new young musical theatre writers.
Super Hero is a timely story about how being different is often a good thing and something to be celebrated.
Sammy is special. Whenever he feels excited he starts to dance and everyone around him has no choice but to join in. In order for him to realise his potential his parents send him off to Hero School where he will fit in with all the other kids who have special powers.
This is a fun filled musical. Think X Men with music, comedy and dancing!
While the entire cast are exceptional there are  stand out performerances from 12 year old William Barter as Sammy and Florence Russell (20) as Principle Tilly Pathetic (channelling Maggie Smith’s Jean Brody to perfection).
As the villain of the piece and worthy of any pantomime, Anna Hale (21) as Miss Menace is ably assisted by her sidekick Mr Plop (Julian Plunkett 18) in their dastardly deeds. All of the cast give professional quality performances despite only being aged between 12 and 21.
Equally the orchestra is made up of talented musicians aged only 15 to 23.
This would make a great Christmas show for kids along the lines of Roald Dahl or Dr Seuss.
The next stop on their tour of this show is Rose Theatre, Kingston on 14th July
Full details of the work that National Youth Music Theatre does and its touring schedule can be found at

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