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Reviews from Paul's pen


Ordinary Days

Review by: Paul Towers, 26 May 2017
Ordinary Days by Adam Gwon
A Four Wheeled Theatre production with Abigail Piper, Alexander Clifford, Charlotte Chambers and Edward Spence
Upstairs @ The Western, 26 & 27th May 2017

“romance, pathos and humour”

Ordinary Days is a tale of four New Yorkers in their 20’s and 30’s, two pairs who, it has to be said, appear mismatched.
Claire and Jason (Charlotte Chambers and Edward Spence) have been together for a year; Jason thinks it is time to commit further by moving into Claire’s apartment; Claire isn’t sure if she is ready to give over half her closet space and all that entails.
Meanwhile Deb (Abigail Broad) is stressing over her missing notebook which contains the research notes for her thesis, which is due in. Warren (Alexander Clifford), the dorky eternal optimist who wanders through life waiting for ‘the big picture’ to present itself, finds Deb’s notebook and returns it to her in a disastrous meeting in the New York Met.
We watch as Claire & Jason split up only to realise they are destined to be together while Warren and Deb, against all the odds, end up together.
Adam Gwon’s music and lyrics, obviously influenced by master songsmith Stephen Sondheim, are a beautiful mixture of romance, pathos and humour. This makes them not the easiest of music to sing but this talented amateur quartet are more than up to the task with just Andrew Smith at a keyboard in a corner of the stage to accompany them.
Ordinary Days is on at Upstairs at The Western again on Saturday 27th May 2017 but is sold out. Check their website for possible returned tickets
Details of Four Wheeled Theatre are at

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