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Reviews from Paul's pen



Review by: Paul Towers, 07 December 2017
Gusset by Elaine Pantling
A Laurie Lorry production
Upstairs @ The Western, 7-8 December 2017

“hilarious and thought provoking.”

Elaine Pantling’s one-woman theatre company, Laurie Lorry, brings one of her latest shows to Upstairs at The Western.
Pauline Potter is a ‘floater’ (and no lavatorial jokes from the back, thank you), she is called upon to fill in at the factory wherever she is needed. Pauline is a knicker stitcher, a gusset guru and very proud of it she is, too. Pauline’s gussets are her guiding light, her path to fulfilment. She has a pocket in her tabard that is home to her various gussets, each one a reminder of how she does and wants to live her life. By day she is a floater but by night she is a wannabe writer. She is taking evening classes.
As Pauline empties her tabard pouch of gussets she explains how each one triggers a thought. Sex, diets, PMT, alternative therapy charlatans and her ever patient husband. All are triggered by the various little fabric pieces of damp drip catchers tucked away in her knickers.
Elaine Pantling’s wry, poignant journey of a northern factory worker trapped in an unfulfilling life is both hilarious and thought provoking
Although tonight was sold out (with a queue waiting for return tickets) there are a very few seats left for Friday’s show. What a great way to liven up a damp and dreary winter’s evening in the company of a talented writer and performer.
Details of Elaine’s other shows and tours can be found at and watch out for her show Alice in Her Shoes back at Upstairs at The Western in the New Year

Upstairs at The Western
First published on Western Gazette

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